Heartwarming Toys

Encouraging Plush Toys

Inspire children and adults with Anchor AnimalsĀ®, a brand-new line of plush stuffed animals from our company in New Jersey. They are guaranteed to warm your heart. Each plush stuffed animal is 24 inches long, uniquely designed, and features an inspirational word. All Anchor AnimalsĀ® are 100% embroidered, 100% washable, and 100% soft. They are the most inspirational stuffed animal you'll find anywhere!

R.E.A.C.H. - Remember Every Animal Carries Hope

A giraffe's long neck helps him to reach the higher leaves on a tree... Lift your head high and REACH!

Introducing the REACH Giraffe, the first stuffed animal in our inspirational plush toy line. REACH is what Anchor AnimalsĀ® is all about; bringing hope to children and adults of all ages. Hope is an anchor. It can help hold you steady as you battle the tides in life. It can help hold you in place and keep you secure as you face the life's greatest storms. Live in faith every day and believe that everything is within your reach!

F.L.Y. - Fully Love Yourself

A butterfly changes it's form to become something beautiful... Transform and spread your wings to FLY!

H.U.G. - Hearts Unconditionally Giving

A bear hug is a strong hearty embrace... Wrap your arms around someone and HUG!

Inspirational words can make a difference. Positive words develop positive actions and attitudes. Motivating and encouraging words create growth in confidence. There is power in our words! Just one single word, one simple message, can change so many lives! This can be taught at a very young age or learned later in life. In either case, it is an invaluable lesson.

Reach Giraffe
Fly Butterfly

Be Anchored In Hope. Be Who God Created You To Be.