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Clouds of Comments

- Pete, N.Y.

Love the quality and the messages. You have to have them in your hands to appreciate the quality.

-Bob, N.J.

"Just want you to know I love my H.U.G. Bear. Your inspiration stuffed animals are a joy to give to children who need a hug. Thank you for giving us Anchor Animals"

-Phil, N.Y.

"These animals are larger than they appear, are very cuddly and soft... a good gift for any child."

-Lisa, N.J.

"How in love my family and kids are with these
animals. They're so soft that the kids love falling asleep with them. The inspiration behind each animal makes them even more special. I can't wait to see what Anchor Animals will come out with next!"

-Karen, FL

"I love these Bears.. the right size for any kid big or small!"

- Lauren, MS

"I love the bears that you sell AND the causes you support!"

- Rachel, N.Y.

"These stuffed animals were such a hit at our art therapy seminar."