Our Story

Hope Anchors Us All

Anchor Animals® Inspire and Empower Children To Believe and Achieve Their God-given Purpose

I used to absolutely adore stuffed animals as a child. They brought me so much comfort and love—what was not to love about a cozy, cuddly, plush friend? I would imagine they were real, and even pretend to have conversations with them! They truly were great company for me, and I shared so many fun experiences with them in my childhood years. As I reminisce today, I can also recall moments when I felt sad, and I would escape my surroundings with my trusted, stuffed companion and retreat to a quiet place. In hindsight, I wish I had something to help redirect my thoughts, because I now understand it is so important to develop a healthy thought-life at a young age.

Recently I was working from home as a freelance graphic designer, when I was overwhelmed with a new desire to create something inspiring.. something that would bring value to a child’s life and solve a need. I wanted to empower a child to choose joy over sadness, and to choose positive thoughts over negative ones. I also wanted to teach them how much they are loved, and how everyone is uniquely created to do great things. So, I started a company that designs stuffed animals to motivate and encourage a child to persevere through life. The first animal I launched was the R.E.A.C.H. Giraffe (REMEMBER EVERY ANIMAL CARRIES HOPE). Then I continued to develop this concept: Every animal in nature has a God-given innate ability, and individual characteristics that make them one-of-a-kind! And along with the understanding we are all made to connect with each other by sharing our gifts and talents, the company is committed to “Paying It Forward” with every stuffed animal we sell.

Now is the time to teach our children to choose hope, faith and love, first and foremost. It is these core values that keeps us all grounded. Faith is not only believing, it is knowing. It is an Unshakable Confidence. And the motivator to unshakable confidence begins with HOPE. It is this CONFIDENCE that ANCHORS US all and sustains us. And teaching this connection to children is my heartfelt goal.

Our company has grown over the years since it was birthed in my heart in 2011. Anchor Animals® are available at buybuybaby.com and bedbathandbeyond.com. We have yet to launch the entire stuffed animal toy line, but we plan to produce them all and spread hope across the globe. There are so many stuffed animals today that are a “one-size-fits-all” item. But Anchor Animals® are completely different, carrying messages of encouragement, and distinctively embroidered (known as “Reverse” or “Assisi” embroidery) to add to their uniqueness.

Anchor Animals® are transforming the minds and hearts of every child as they learn to:

  • choose healthy, positive thoughts over negative ones
  • hold on to hope every day
  • discover their God-given gifts and talents
  • believe everything is within reach
  • ultimately become who God created them to be

Inspire a child and empower them through their journey. Give them love. Spark their faith. And they will become a true champion in life.



Cathy Ann Fasano


Cathy is a freelance graphic design professional turned toy design entrepreneur. She holds a B.S. degree in Fine Arts from Pace University in Pleasantville, NY. She currently resides in Old Tappan, NJ with her husband Jim, and they have three adult children.